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Mousetrapper Delta Rollerbar Mouse

SKU: E9532

$485.00 inc GST

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New Arrival to WA Ergo Supplies – Contact us to arrange a demonstration –

Bar Mice are a great way to get users to use both hands while mousing.

Some like to Scroll – Others like to Roll.

Designed to sit in front of your keyboard the Delta keeps your mouse central to your keyboard.

The Delta adds a new dimension to Mousetrappers wide range of centered, ergonomic mouse solutions. Its wide, unique carbon fibre Control Bar has a soft texture that enables you to work precisely and efficiently.

The length has been adapted to make the Control Bar easily accessible when using keyboards in all sizes. The 4000 dpi resolution makes scrolling, clicking and zooming easy, and gives you an outstandingly precise feel while working.

The six programmable buttons gives you freedom to adapt the functionality so that you can work more efficiently. Change the functions by visiting MT Keys. Delta also has two USB ports to charge and/or connect multiple devices.

The Mousetrapper Delta is made in Sweden using recycled plastic.

Dimensions: 500mm Wide x 120mm Deep x 27mm High.

Key Features: 

  • Ergonomic design
  • 255 mm wide Control Bar with click and scroll function which can be moved 125 mm sideways
  • 6 programmable buttons that can easily be customized using MT Keys
  • Soft wrist rest that can be disinfected
  • The wrist rest is easy to replace with its magnetic attachment
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Adjustable friction/height pad for keyboard
  • 2 USB ports (3.3V) for charging and connecting multiple devices
  • 4000 dpi