Our focus:

WA Ergo Supplies has a strong focus on helping our clients to find the ‘right’ product for them. We do that by:

  • giving our clients choice and the ability to trial a product before purchase
  • working closely with health professionals to find specific products for a clients set of circumstances.
  • Researching new and innovative products.
Our core values:

The values that we operate by are:

  • Genuinely care
  • Supply quality products that we believe in
  • Support health professionals
  • Find solutions for problems
  • Be open and honest with communication
  • Keep improving
About the business:

WA Ergo Supplies is part of the WA Supplies family of business which has been operating in Perth, Western Australia for over 40 years.

WA Ergo Supplies was started in 2019 when one of the new Directors, Gareth Witherington, brought with him his extensive knowledge and passion for providing Ergonomic products that really help an individual to perform their best at work.

Gareth has worked in the Ergonomic industry for over 15 years, providing information and product recommendations to health and support professionals and individuals.

Our goal is to expand our product line to continue to provide new and innovative products that really help people get back to doing what they love to do.

Contacting us: