Hiring from WA Ergo Supplies

WA Ergo Supplies understands that selecting the correct product without trying it before you purchase can be a risky process.

We are happy to offer a large range of products on a hire basis. To help you make the correct choice so you are confident with your final purchasing decision.

We hope this is especially helpful when selecting products such as chairs, and we understand that sitting on something for 5 minutes is a lot different to how this will be used throughout your work day.

We suggest a hire period from a week up to a month should help you make the right decision before committing to something long term. We will work with your Rehab Provider to make an informed decision on the right product first time. Your hire fee for the product will be credited back to you should you go ahead and purchase leaving you with no extra out of pocket expense.

Longer hire terms are also available and may benefit people on return to work situations if something is required for a period of time.

Please feel free to contact us with your hire inquiries to see how we can help.

Contact us for information about hiring our products

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