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Angle Board Easy Glide

SKU: E9201

$165.00 inc GST

The Easy Glide Document holder allows you to position your documents in the perfect position with its quick and easy adjustment handles.


It has an angle adjustment ranging from 7.5°-37.5° to enable easy viewing of documents.

The main platform glides freely forward creating an ergonomic writing area without reaching over the top of your keyboard.

The front contoured ledge supports catalogues, books & paperwork up to 5kg without causing discomfort.

There is also a removable accessory tray with a charging cable manager to keep your desk neat and tidy.


  • 570mm Wide x 116mm High x 380mm Deep
  • Angle adjustment range: 7.5°-37.5°
  • Supports weight up to 5kg


  • Removable accessory tray with charging cable manager
  • Angle adjustable
  • Contoured ledge makes it easy to rest books

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 58 × 38 × 10 cm