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Ergoapt Dual Combo Wireless Keyboard

SKU: E9821-WL

$215.00 inc GST

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The Ergoapt Dual Combo is a dual connection, ergonomic Keyboard and Keypad Combo with full sized keys, an aluminium framing and rechargeable battery.


The separation of the Keyboard and Keypad allows for a flexible workspace setup to suit your individual requirements.

The Compact Keyboard can be centered in front of the user to ensure the correct typing position and reduces over reaching for the mouse.

The Numeric Keypad can be placed either side of the Keyboard to reduce the reach zone when mousing.

Cable connection via USB or Bluetooth Compatible – Computer or Device must be Bluetooth Compatible.

System Requirements:

  • Connection method A: Wired via cables. The Keyboard connects to the computer, the Keypad connects to the Keyboard
  • Connection method B: Wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Keyboard and Keypad connect individually to the computer via Bluetooth
  • The computer will require Bluetooth capabilities to connect using Bluetooth
  • System Compatibility: Windows, iOS and Android


  • Wireless operating range: <10m
  • Estimated charge time: Approximately 2 – 4 hours
  • Estimated working time: up to 30 days off a full charge
  • Keyboard features a compact 78 key layout
  • Keypad features the standard 17 keys
  • Keypad also features an additional line of function keys (in blue print on the key)
  • Activate function keys: when the key is pressed in conjunction with the Fn key


  • Keyboard: 285mm Wide x 120mm Deep x 6 – 11mm High
  • Numeric: 85mm Wide x 120mm Deep x 6 – 11mm High
  • Compact with separate Numeric Pad


  • Sturdy and Sleek

    All of the alphanumeric keys are full sized and the concave design delivers a quiet and comfortable typing experience. The keys require a low activation force that reduces the effort required to type.

  • Concave Keys

    The case for the Ergoapt Combo Keyboard and Keypad are made of aluminium. This construction provides a solid feel, additional weight and removes case flex.

  • One Product, Dual Connections

    The Keyboard and Keypad can be used as either a wired device or wireless device. When used as a wired device, the Keyboard and Keypad connect to the computer via cables. When used wirelessly, the Keyboard and Keypad are connected to the computer via Bluetooth*.

  • Low Profile, Low Strain

    The Ergoapt Compact Combo has a low profile design, sloping with a top height of 11mm to a bottom height of 6mm. The low profile of the Keyboard and Keypad keeps wrists flat, helping to prevent and alleviate symptoms of RSI and reduce fatigue. This height allows for a neutral and more natural wrist position.

*The computer will require Bluetooth capabilities to use the Combo wirelessly


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 41 × 17 × 3 cm