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Logitech MX Ergo Trackball

SKU: E9518

$180.00 inc GST

Hire From $30 per week - $90 per month

Trackball mice sit static on your desk so take up less space than other mice.

As all the movement of your cursor is done with the scroll wheel there is no need for extra space on the desk to move the mouse around.

Logitechs most advanced trackball for trackball enthusiasts and consumers searching for alternatives to mice and touchpads.

Delivers 20% less muscular strain compared to a regular mouse.

MX ERGO features a unique adjustable hinge for personalized comfort and the latest tracking, scrolling and power management technology.

Logitech FLOW enables effortless cross computer control.

Mouse Dimensions:

  • 132.5 mm long x 99.8 mm wide x 51.4 mm high

Mouse Weight (including battery): 164 g