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Monitor Riser Fellowes Premium Graphite

SKU: E9401

$85.00 inc GST

Most inbuilt monitor stands fall short in height adjustment to have your monitor at the optimum level.


The addition of a monitor riser will help increase your screens height so that you are not looking down at your screens.

This may help in the reduction of neck pain whilst working at your computer.

The Fellowes Premium Monitor Riser helps to rectify this with its range of height adjustment. Simply add or remove the column pieces to achieve your perfect setup.

It has a large weight capacity of 36kg which will hold even large monitors with ease.

The stackable column legs allow you to adjust the stand to 5 different heights – from 64mm to 165 mm.


  • Dimensions Top Platform: 335mm Wide x 344mm Deep
  • Height Range: 64mm to 165mm
  • Weight capacity: 36kg (21” CRT or TFT/LCD monitor)


  • Positions the monitor at a comfortable viewing height
  • Helps organise the workstation around the monitor
  • Stackable column legs to adjust to 5 different heights
  • Colour: Graphite
  • Durable plastic base doubles as paper storage shelf
  • Now made from 100% recycled plastic!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 34 × 35 × 12 cm