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Monitor Riser Fellowes Premium Office Suites

SKU: E9402

$120.00 inc GST

The Monitor Riser Premium Office Suites places monitor at comfortable viewing position to prevent neck strain.


Supports large CRT or TFT monitors up to 36kg in weight.

Adjustable feet provide five height positions to customise to your perfect height.

Stows laptop or keyboard underneath for in-office use and to save space

Features a convenient cup holder and storage compartment.


  • 686mm Wide x 357mm Deep
  • Height Adjustments: 107mm, 120mm, 133mm, 146mm and 159mm
  • Maximum Monitor Weight: 36kg
  • Maximum Monitor Size: 28″


  • Positions the monitor at a comfortable viewing height
  • Adjustable feet for 5 different heights
  • Features cup holder and storage compartment

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 37 × 71 × 12 cm