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Mousetrapper Prime

SKU: E9527

$470.00 inc GST

Hire From $35 per week - $105 per month

Centralised Mice and Bar Mice are a great way to get users to use both hands while mousing.

Designed to sit in front of your keyboard the Mousetrapper Prime keeps your mouse central to your keyboard.

The Mousetrapper Prime is an ergonomic alternative to a mouse that can relieve and prevent repetitive strain injuries and other problems that can occur when you use a conventional mouse.

Features Wireless function and 8 programmable buttons.

The unique mesh-like control pad makes this far easier to control your cursor compared to other roller mice.

Move your cursor in all directions smoothly and precisely with either hand.

You can also click and scroll via the control pad. You can also right-click and left-click anywhere on the control pad.

There are a total of eight programmable buttons give you plenty of options for setting up your Mousetrapper exactly the way you want.

Download the MT Keys software, which lets you easily reconfigure all the button functions, add standard texts, create user profiles and much more.

MT Keys is available for both Mac and PC.

Prime has a folding keyboard support, which makes it equally compatible with new low-profile keyboards and higher-profile standard keyboards.

Key Features: 

  • Super-slim, ergonomic design
  • Control pad with click and scroll functions
  • Option to work wirelessly
  • 8 programmable buttons for customisation to your needs, using MT Keys
  • Wrist supports can be cleaned with surface disinfectants
  • Replaceable wrist supports
  • Height adjustment with folding non-slip surface
  • Battery life: up to 4 months
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 2,000 dpi

Mousetrapper Prime Data Sheet

Mousetrapper Prime Quick Start Guide English