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Wrist Rest Super Gel Blue Straight

SKU: E9955

$52.00 inc GST

Filled with a memory gel and finished with a smooth lycra covered surface.


The Super Gel Wrist Rest is perfect for anyone who spends long hours typing on their computer or laptop.

The soft gel pad conforms to your wrist to provide personalized comfort and support, while the straight design helps to alleviate pressure on your joints.


  • Approximately 457mm Long x 57mm Deep x 25.4mm High


  • Provides full ergonomic wrist support
  • Covered with smooth Lycra
  • Super-Gel Filling
  • Cushion conforms to your palm for maximum ergonomic support
  • Non-skid base keeps the support securely in place
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Colour: Dark Blue

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 51 × 12 × 3 cm