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Drafting Chair Conversion

SKU: E9080

$115.00 inc GST

Product Information

Keep your favourite chair! This is a great way to convert your existing chair for use at a high bench where extra lift is required.


The drafting conversion allows you to add a 260mm stroke gas lift and footring to your chair. Great for use at reception counters or high benches in warehouse or other locations with a higher than normal desk height.

Seat Height will range from approximately 650mm at lowest height to 890mm at tallest height depending on chair.

The Drafting Kit includes one drafting gas lift and one chrome footring.

Please Note: When converting your chair to a drafting chair please make sure your chair still functions safely – chairs with large seat pans are not recommended as drafting chairs due to instability.

Please contact us if you are unsure about a conversion and we will talk you through this.


  • Chrome footring
  • 260mm stroke gas lift
  • Approximate seat range: 650mm to 890mm high (depending on chair)
  • 1 Year Warranty

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