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UPSIDE Sit Stand Desk

SKU: E9161

$740.00 inc GST

The new Upside Sit Stand desk is a leap forward in portability.

In one simple action, the desk can quickly fold in half. With a caster on the bottom and a handle on the top, the desk can then be moved easily from room to room or room to car.

The desk features a gas lift height adjustment that is quickly released or fastened with a single leaver.

The top can be tilted via a leaver and locked in to any position within a 90 degree arc. There is also a book edge to stop books and documents from falling off.

A heavy weighted U base provides great stability whilst in use.

The Upside is a multi-use desk that makes for a great portable lectern.

10 Year warranty.

Desk Height Min: 770mm
Desk Height Max: 1100mm
Top Width: 700mm
Top Depth: 520mm
Top Tilt: 90 Deg.
Foot Span: 690mm

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 70 × 52 × 77 cm