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Visidec Laptop Raise

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For any mobile computing enthusiast, the Visidec Laptop Raise is an essential notebook accessory.


It creates a mobile ergonomic workspace by raising the notebook screen to the appropriate height for the user. This limits the potential occupational stresses and strains commonly associated with notebook use.

Designed for use with an external keyboard and mouse, this mount supports notebooks up to 14” with innovative features focused on the needs of any busy traveller – lightweight construction and ease of use alongside an extremely slim line form.

It folds down to just 11mm (0.5”) thick so it can easily fit in your notebook bag.


  • 210mm Wide x 210mm Long
  • Height Range at back: 70mm to 185mm
  • Height at front: 72mm (on stand)
  • Folds down to 11mm thick
  • Supports notebooks up to 14”
  • Supports weight of 3kg


  • Raises notebook screen to correct height for user
  • 4 different angle adjustments
  • Designed for use with an external keyboard and mouse
  • Slim line form
  • Lightweight and portable

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 1 cm