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Elevate Electric Height Adjustable Straight Desk with Preset Memory Controller


From: $895.00

The Elevate Electric Desk Range

Height Adjustable Desks are more affordable than ever and a great way
for you to improve both your posture and health and well-being.

This product includes the height adjustable electric frame for a straight desk, pre-set memory controller plus your choice of desktop colour and size.


The Elevate Electric Height Adjustable frame has 3 stage column legs that are operated using an electric controller. The controller allows you to easily raise and lower the desk from a sitting position to a standing position.

The controller has the ability to have 4 heights programmed into the memory. So you can simply press a number to have the desk rise or lower to your preferred height, saving you from having to raise and check that the desk is at the right height each time you use it. For more information on how to operate the controller please see our ‘Controller User Guide’.

This package comes with frame for a straight desk, electric controller with programmable memory and your desk top. You can have the desk top can be made in any of the colours from the Laminex Commercial range of colours and can be manufactured to your size length and depth to fit into your workspace.

Not sure if this is right for you – Ask us about our hire options for this product.


  • Heavy Duty Load Capacity 125kg
  • Smooth and Quiet Travel Speed 38mm/s >50db
  • Dual Motors – 3 Stage Column Leg
  • Height Range from 600 – 1230mm
  • 4 Programmable Memory Controller
  • Stylish Gloss White or Black Frame
  • Optional Cable Tray
  • Straight Desk
  • Top Size – 1200-2100mm Long x 600-900mm Deep
  • Desk Tops made to order to your specifications
  • Warranty – 2 Year Electrical – 5 Year Frame.

How to order:

This product comes with an electric frame and controller along with a desktop custom made to suit your needs.

You will need to select an option from the drop down menu above and enter your desktop requirements.

  • Select Options: from the drop down menu select the Frame Colour and if you would like the desk to have a cable tray or no cable tray
  • Desktop Colour: In the text box enter the Laminex Commercial Range colour you would like your desktop
  • Desktop Dimensions: In the text box enter the dimensions – length and depth, you would like your desktop

Note: Dimensions of desktop must be in the range 1200 to 2100 mm in length and 600 to 900 mm in depth.

Lead time: Desktops are custom made in your colour and size – standard lead time is 4 weeks.


We offer hire for height adjustable desks for Perth and surrounding areas. If you would like to discuss this option please contact us for further information.




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