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Ergoslider Plus Roller Mouse

SKU: E9516

$345.00 inc GST

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Bar Mice are a great way to get users to use both hands while mousing.

Designed to sit in front of your keyboard to keep your mouse central to your keyboard.

The roller bar allows you to move the cursor both vertical and horizontally with open hands.

The Ergoslider has 4 buttons and a scroll wheel. The four buttons default as left click, right click, copy and paste.

This unique mousing position reduces repetitive and straining shoulder movement.

One of the other main features is that you can switch between left and right hand mousing as you wish.

Using your finger tips to softly control the roller bar means you aren’t tensing your hand muscle to grip the mouse.

The rollerbar on the Ergoslider Plus can be removed to enable thorough cleaning of the mouse, this is unique to the Ergoslider Plus.

The performance of other rollermouse products is known to be affected by crumbs and other things getting caught behind the roller bar.


Width: 390mm

Depth: 102mm

Number of Buttons: 4

Resolution (Cursor Speed):800 dpi

Plug & Play: Yes

Cable Length: 140cm

Weight: 400grams

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 46 × 16 × 3 cm