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Cicada Laptop Raise

SKU: E9650

$49.50 inc GST

Check out this flexible, height-adjustable laptop stand, which allows you to raise your screen to the correct ergonomic viewing height.

Add a full-size keyboard and mouse to recreate the comfort and productivity of a desktop computer, or even try using your Cicada for presentations and meetings. Perfect for your iPad !

The unique open design of the Cicada also improves airflow all around your computer, keeping it cool, and extending the lifetime of your laptop.

Best of all however, is that the Cicada is extremely portable—it folds down and will fit in your pocket or your computer bag.

The Cicada can be adjusted to support laptops of all widths, and will support weights up to a maximum of 5.4kg. You can even use Cicada with tablet PC’s, by raising the screen to a more comfortable writing and viewing angle.

Ideal for business travelers, home office users, students, and anyone who uses a laptop computer.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 23 × 5 × 5 cm