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Wrist Rest Goldtouch – Pair

SKU: E9950

$49.95 inc GST

The innovative Goldtouch approach allows users to fit the soft, stress dispersing gel pads to each wrist individually.


The Goldtouch Wrist Rest is supplied as a pair. Filled with a memory gel and finished with a smooth lycra covered surface. Suitable for all keyboards including the Goldtouch Go and Goldtouch Black keyboard.


  • 178mm Long x 70mm Wide x 19mm High


  • Soft, comforting GEL structure disperses stress
  • Helps you to relax your hand, wrist and arm
  • Supplied as a pair
  • Smooth lycra finish
  • Colour: Black

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 3 cm