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Flexi Ultimate High Back Chair Support with Lumbar Pump

SKU: E9974

$255.00 inc GST

Finally a fully supportive cushion that is portable, lightweight and ready to use anywhere.

Its versatility extends from driving, travelling to work, at the office, relaxing in a lounge chair, or in any seat that requires some extra comfort or support.

Its unique design makes it suitable for all types of automobile seats. It fits both bucket or bench seats, and customises the seat to your individual comfort.

With it’s built in ’Air-Lumbar System’ the cushion can be set to your precise level of support required with the amount of lumbar support increased and decreased by simply inflating or deflating the in built lumbar balloon.


  • Built in Air Lumbar System
  • Suitable fro a large range of seats
  • Back width 400mm
  • Back Height 610mm
  • Australian Made and backed with a 2 year warranty.