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Kensington Premium Anti Fatigue Mat

SKU: E9992

$205.00 inc GST

A totally new and unique anti-fatigue system range that provides the ultimate combination of standing comfort and body support. 

Anti fatigue mats are useful when you need to stand continuously while working by helping to reduce stress and discomfort.

They are a great addition to your Sit and Stand Workstation.

Dimensions: 935mm x 520mm x 28mm

•  Ergonomically engineered to stimulate blood circulation and reduce fatigue on legs, back and feet
•  Anti-Slip surface reduces slipping concerns and ensures mat stays in place
•  Beveled edge ensures mat will not roll-Up, and is trip-Resistant
•  Non-Toxic & flame resistant materials are vinyl and bpa-Free, supporting stricter environmental standards
•  Ships flat to prevent unwanted creases and curled edges
•  Enhanced shock absorption, and better durability for high traffic areas
•  Easy-To-Clean waterproof and oil-Resistant surface

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 94 × 53 × 3 cm