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Ergotron LX Dual Stackable Monitor Arm


$595.00 inc GST

Use this ingenious tool with your notebook and an external monitor or with two monitors.


Create a productive multi-display configuration that lifts screens up to where they’re easier to see while reclaiming valuable worksurface.

The Ergotron Dual Stackable arms allows you to display screens in a multiple of ways.

These can be stacked one above the other or configured to sit side by side.

You can even add the laptop tray accessory to this arm so you can set a screen and laptop side by side.

Finished in a durable polished aluminum construction adding style to your work area!

Includes two LX arms, two extensions, 13″ pole, two pole collars, base, desk clamp, grommet mount, notebook tray and notebook fastening kit (Velcro, non-slip pad, clips).

Screen Requirements:

  • Displays must have Standard VESA Mount (100mm x 100mm & 75mm x 75mm)
  • Maximum Screen Size Supported: 24″
  • Maximum individual LCD weight capacity: 3.2-9.1kg (per monitor)
  • Laptop weight range: 1.1–5.4kg
  • Maximum combined weight capacity: 18.14kg
  • Monitor depth greater than 89 mm may diminish capacity
  • To facilitate stacking of monitors, maximum outside height of display can be no more than 350mm


  • Arm extended reach: up to 640mm
  • Vertical height adjustment: 330mm
  • 360° Rotation, 360° Pan and 75° Tilt
  • Pole: 330mm
  • Desk Clamp attaches to surface edge 10 to 66 mm thick
  • Grommet Mount attaches through surface holes 7 to 51 mm wide and up to 80 mm thick
  • Product Weight: 7.4kg


  • Included Notebook Tray allows this model to be used with a laptop alongside a monitor.
  • Extra flexibility: Each arm lifts, extends and rotates for the best view
  • More motion: Places screens one over the other or on either side
  • Easy storage: Folds to fit under storage shelves or cabinets
  • Aluminum construction offers greater durability and enhanced aesthetics
  • Quality design, built for years of use (by passing the 10,000-cycle motion test)
  • BIFMA level® 2 certified for a low environmental and social impact
  • Warranty: 10 years


Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 18 × 45 × 76 cm