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Physioflex Kneeling Chair with Optional Back Rest

SKU: E9034

$470.00 inc GST

Kneeling chairs help by easing your hips into a forward tilt position which will encourage an upright posture that correctly aligns your back, shoulders and neck.


The Physioflex Kneeling Chair was developed from ideas put forward by Prof. A.C. Mandal that there was less stress to the back and hip joint when legs were positioned lower, in a balanced seating position, than for a traditional 90-degree angle on a chair.

The kneeling chair comes with an adjustable padded back rest. This back rest can help the user to avoid being positioned to far forward or to the side. This reduces rotation and keeps the user in a more centered position. The back rest can be removed if required.

The seat and kneeling cushion are made from a comfort padding with a black fabric covering and are in a fixed position.

The chair itself has a gas lift height adjustment to adjust the position of the chair for the height of the user and can be moved on rolling wheels that are attached to the chair bases front legs.


  • 400mmW x 300mmD
  • Approximate seat height range: 500mm – 570mm high


  • 400mmW x 300mmH
  • Back rest adjustable

Chair Fabric Colour:

  • Commercial grade black fabric.


  • Chair height adjustment via gas lift
  • Back rest adjustable
  • Comfort foam padding with the black fabric
  • Fixed seat and kneeling pad
  • Silver powder coat frame with black wheels
  • Roller base with wheels on front legs
  • Suitable up to 120 kg
  • 5 Year Warranty

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 65 × 65 × 100 cm