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Footrest Kensington Solemate Pro Elite

SKU: E9310

$149.00 inc GST

Footrests are an important addition to your work space by filling the void between your feet and the floor.


It is important to set your chair at the right height, so you are seated correctly at your desk. Rather than lowering yourself to reach the floor which will have you incorrectly seated at your desk the addition of a footrest will keep you at the correct height.

The Solemate Pro Elite Footrest from Kensington is an affordable height and angle adjustable footrest that will suit a large range of users.

The angle adjustment is simply locked in place by the pedal at the front of the footrest.

Height can be adjusted by loosening the two handles located either side of the footrest.


  • Dimensions footplate: 545mm Wide x 355mm Deep x 105mm High
  • Height Range: 90mm to 120mm
  • Angle and tilt adjust between 0°-18°


  • Height and angle adjustable footplate
  • Footrest has a locking foot pedal control for simple adjustment
  • Anti-slip base and top to keep feet in place during the day
  • Wide platform comfortably accommodates users preferring a wider stance
  • Easy-to-Clean fabric surface (can be spot cleaned with warm water)
  • Helps promote healthy circulation and posture

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 75 × 36 × 10 cm